Elirox Robots for IC Markets

Elevate your trading process with Elirox for IC Markets - the ultimate automated trading solution for traders.

Key Features

Let's take a closer look at our partnership with ICMarkets. ICMarkets is renowned for its flexibility with three account types and an extraordinarily wide choice of assets (2250+).

Minimum deposit $200
Start building your portfolio without a large sum of money
Max leverage 1:500
Control large positions with small capital
Swap-free accounts
Trade without incurring any overnight fees
No interest on margin
You won’t be charged a fee of your transactions

About IC Markets

Moreover, there are no standard account commissions, which is important for traders who are looking for low charges. In terms of security, IC markets are subject to regulations by ASIC, FSA, and CySEC, which is a good proof of safety prioritization on their part.

ICMarkets, having a broad assortment of trading shapes to match their goals, makes both trading tools available at favorable conditions and commitment to a secure trading environment.

Transform your ICMarkets account with the Elirox app, elevating your trading experience to unprecedented heights. Gain access to AI-powered automated trading, providing you with a stress-free and predictable approach to trading, all achieved with just a few clicks – no complicated setups or lengthy procedures required.

With Elirox's suite of advanced trading tools, including customizable risk management settings, you'll trade like a seasoned professional, spending just 5 minutes per day to achieve your financial goals.

The Elirox and ICMarkets are two services that work together to improve your ability to trade. The markets for Forex, commodities, and indices are provided support by Elirox and ICMarkets, where you can succeed in them. Board the train to remove all boundaries from your trading activities.