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Fully automated trading with your broker account, launched in minutes

Automate your trading. Smart and simple.

Connect a broker account or try a Demo one
Create your own robot and start trading

How to trade with Elirox?

Easy, secure, intuitive
Monitor and enjoy the robot's trading results
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Key features

Trading signals
Built-in VPS
Connect popular brokers
Don't waste your time looking for the best server, it's already here
Most popular trading assets
Try bots on a demo account risk-free
It's very easy to start
Trading robots
Start with the AI strategy or create your own in just a few clicks
AI Strategy
Smart settings
Create your own strategy

Trade with TradingView

Seamlessly connect your broker to Elirox and unlock the full potential of both platforms

Supercharts and trading with Elirox
Our integration with TradingView, a top charting platform with 50M+ traders, will allow you to access both supercharged charting and advanced trading tools. Gain unparalleled insights for informed decision-making


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